Safety Tips For Running At Night

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How to prepare for running at night?

Safety First, without a doubt the most important steps in the transition to night running revolves around personal safety.  No single workout is worth risking your overall health, well-being or life. With proper planning, night running should allow you to get your workout in with minimal risk. Here are some safety tips for running at night to consider:

Make sure you have a well-lit route or wear a headlamp

Keep your route simple – and repeat it to build up the miles. This keeps you close to home should you need/want to stop. If you run a trail, make sure someone knows exactly where and when you are going on your run.

Be Visible: Night runners can’t afford to blend in. Wearing oud colors with reflective material to catch passing headlights is a must. Add on a few flashing strobe lights (red for your back, white for your front) so you can be spotted easily.

  1. Reflective Vest: Preferably a mid-weight version, this full zip vest will make sure you are seen and help to keep your core warm.
  2. Headlamp: Not required, but a really nice to have item. It will cut through the darkness, allowing you to pick the safest path. It also helps with the visibility issue.
  3. Flashing Light: Similar to what bicycle commuters use, these simple lights are a cheap and effective way to make your presence known. This will help drivers and fellow pedestrians know which way you are headed long before they can actually see you.
  4. Headphones or Neckbands:  We suggest Lucid Audio’s HeadBand Sport ™ you can listen to music, make calls AND amplify outside sounds up to 9X, keeping you aware of your surroundings.  With the HearBand Sport you have the added benefit of flashing LED lights to keep you visible as well as reflective tape. Check them out here.

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