The Secret to a Motivational Workout

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Getting a good workout is important. Activities like running, walking, and lifting weights help you achieve the strong body and mind you need to be your best every day.

Motivational Music to Help Reach Your Goals

Recent studies have suggested that listening to music during your sweat session can increase your performance in a number of ways.motivational music;

  • Focus on your effort, not your pain. Listening to music during exercise can decrease your body awareness. You won’t notice those little aches and pains that make you more likely to quit before you reach your goals.
  • It’s all about the rhythm! Moving to music helps you set, and keep, a comfortable pace.
  • Find your sweet spot. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out. The right playlist has the ability to get you amped up and going, even when you’d rather not. And once your feet start moving, the right song can keep you in the zone and help you maximize your workout time.

But how exactly does listening to music improve your workout? While there is no conclusive evidence yet, scientists have noticed some impressive things.

  • Motivation is literally all in your head.  When your brain hears up tempo music, it automatically sends signals to the body to move.
  • A recent laboratory trial found that cyclists listening to motivational music pedaled faster, went further, and enjoyed their activity more.
  • Motivational music improves mood. When you feel good, you can exercise longer and more intensely.

The Right Equipment Makes the Difference

The secret to a motivational workout ;
Lucid Audio AMPED™ headphones

To get the most out of your motivational music, you need the right equipment.

You may already have some great headphones for music. However, your workout gear needs to have certain features.

  • Comfort.
  • Ease of use.
  • Durability.
  • Safety.


Get your Daily Workout AMPED!

Lucid Audio AMPED™ headphones are more than just great headphones for music, Lucid Audio’s AMPED™ line of headphones and neckbands offer all the comfort, ease of use, and durability you need.

Our exclusive AMPED technology also offers safety features you can’t find anywhere else. Now you have the power to choose to hear what you want, when you want.. Jogging on a busy main road? Turn up the ambient sounds. Now you can be alerted to any sounds of danger. Doing yoga in the park? Turn the ambient noises down, so nothing distracts you from your inner peace.

Whatever your fitness goals are, Lucid Audio has the right device to help you reach them!

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