Autism Awareness Month: 6 Sensory Soothing Tools Loved by All Children

April 24, 2018 HLT Family 0 Comments

On the heels of the recent blog honoring Autism Awareness Month, my curiosity deepened to bridge connections of all children to children on the spectrum.  And it only felt natural to deep dive into finding more sensory soothing tools enjoyed by all children, not just on the spectrum. 

If you know a child seeking comfort from noisy and chaotic environments, read our Top 6 Sensory Soothing Tools Loved by All Children

1. Kid HearMuffs

One of the most common and universal effects of stress, regardless of being on the spectrum or not, is noise. Because of this, Lucid Audio’s Kid HearMuffs is our top pick.

Originally developed for the aviation industry to assist pilots to hear radio and intercom messages, sound protection has become universal.

As the technology surrounding sound protection advanced, they became more popular and much more affordable for the everyday user.

Auditory Sensory Disorder (ASD) therapists widely utilize sound protection. Specifically to assist and soothe environmental hypersensitivity. Sound protection offers the ability to concentrate on tasks and participate in activities. This type of protection reduces background noise to a manageable level. Many users wear them in any noisy environment, including city streets, concerts, parties, even crowded restaurants.

Regardless of being on the spectrum or not, many choose Lucid Audio Kid HearMuffs’ for their revolutionary technology, kid-approved features, and quality comfort and protection. Kids HearMuffs are Audiologist-Approved and hold an industry-leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). And with their patented GrowBand allows HearMuffs to grow with any child starting at infancy.

2. Fidget Spinner  

A small handheld gadget you can spin fast with your fingers. They are advertised as a “stress reliever” and marketed for all levels of ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and autism.

The key to fidget spinners is the idea when your hands or any part of your body is moving (i.e. foot tapping or pen clicking), you are able to focus more on what you are needing to do at that moment. This gadget will give your brain and hands oodles of gratification. Many compare using a fidget spinner to doodling on a piece of paper while on a call or during a “yawn-worthy” meeting.

3. Slime

Occupational Therapists have been using sensory slime or some call it, “theraputty”, for years. This is popularly used while working on fine motor and sensory skills. Therapists will bury small objects in the slime. The child will have to rely on using their fine motor skills to retrieve. At the same time, the strange and unfamiliar texture stimulates sensory processing with no mess (if made correctly!)

4. Squishies

Think adorably cute stress balls that even sometimes smell yummy. These soft, squishy, foam-like toys are brightly colored. They come in a variety of animal, food, and adorable shapes. Squishies giving one who squeezes it a massive degree of satisfaction.

The most important quality of a squishy is the outrageously satisfying texture between your fingers and the auditory thrill of the sound of the foam squishing and visually watching it reflate back to its original form.

5. Image Captor  

Ok! Yes, I 100% had this “toy” when I was a kid! And no joke, my son recently asked for one after playing with it at his cousin’s house!

Filled with chromed pins this mesmerizing toy encourages tactile awareness with the placement of a hand. Place your hands, fingers, common objects, toys, and more to make interesting 3-D images. And not to mention, it feels so interesting to the touch. ASD Therapists consistently use it as a “no-mess” tactile activity during sensory integration. It is a positive reinforcement tool during sensory deprivation therapy. Regardless of being on the spectrum or not, this versatile item has been a popular gift for kids and teens for years!

6. Kinetic Sand 

Kinetic Sand” is actually a trademark name for toy product super popular for its sand-like substance. It is easily moldable but popular for its “melting” feature when squeezed. Kinetic sand has properties of wet sand but it’s not wet and sticks to itself, yet is not sticky. And is soft, yet not fluffy.

It’s versatility and unique texture is ideal for promoting fine motor skills and sensory processing. Kinetic sand offers a wide variety of benefits making it a popular and a highly sought-after product. And if you dare, like slime, you can find hundreds of Do-It-Yourself and How-To’s online to make your very own modeling sand toy.


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