The Soft Sounds: Replacing Chaos with Calm

February 14, 2017 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

Think through your day today. What sounds have you heard? 

For me, the first sound I heard this morning was my alarm (which I only heard after inadvertently pressing snooze 4 times…oops). I remember hearing my car’s audio system blasting my “WAKE UP” playlist–the only thing that really helps me feel awake before 9am. At work, I mostly heard typing, coupled with the occasional animated conversation. At home, I heard the kitchen cabinets bang together as I got ready for dinner. Oh, and how could I forget that screeching sound my shower makes whenever I turn it on…

As you can probably tell, most of the sounds I remember hearing during the day weren’t very calming at all. That’s because softer, more soothing sounds struggle to compete for our attention while louder noises are able to grab our attention during the chaos of the day.

However, it’s the soft sounds that usually bring me peace and contentment.soft sounds

Luckily, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology gets it. Lucid Audio helps me bring the soft sounds to the center of my attention. Lucid Audio’s revolutionary AMPED technology allows for up to 9X amplified ambient sounds, bringing more calmness to your day.

If I’d had my AMPED headphones on for even part of today, I might have paid more attention to the songs of the birds whose morning routines are clearly more graceful than mine. I might have noticed the sound of the rain pattering against my window at work. I might have heard the wind singing melodies foreign to my ears. In fact, I now realize that I didn’t even hear or notice the sound of my breath all day today.

In our world, the sounds that bring us a sense of peace can sometimes be elusive, but Lucid Audio gives us the tools to bring them closer to us.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology helps me feel more connected to the little things in life, and brings softness and calm to my days.

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