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31 Mar

The Best Headphones for Students

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Are you a student looking for the ideal headphones for all aspects of your life?  As a recent graduate myself, I can guide you in the right direction to finding the best headphones for students.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones and neckbands feature unique technology that will serve you in a wide-range of situations.

Below are 4 aspects of your life as a student that Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones can enhance: 

1. Studying 

headphones for studyingAs a student, your first priority should be studying (yeah…we know this isn’t always the case, but in theory, right?)  Your headphones should match this priority.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is geared toward minimizing unimportant distractions.

Take it from my own personal experience.  In college, I studied philosophy.  When I wasn’t reading dense books of philosophical theory, I was writing papers that required careful thought and the meticulous organization of ideas.

And, like most college students, I had roommates.  In fact, I once lived in a small town home with 11 other people!  All of my roommates were amazing, and they are some of my closest friends now; however, living with other people meant that I was often interrupted while studying.

Some of these interruptions were necessary and important (“Hey, our microwave is on fire!” or “I’m about to throw out your bread because it’s molding…”)  Other interruptions were less important (“What should I wear out tonight??  Heels or flats?”)  All of these interruptions required me to pull of my headphones to hear what my roommates were saying, pulling me away from the intense focus that had already taken hours for me to develop.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is unique because it allows you to listen to the music that helps you focus, while also having the ability to tune in the voices of people around you, at the volume that you choose.  With AMPED technology, you’ll have the option of filtering in voices without having to pull off your headphones, allowing you to get right back to studying if the distraction is unimportant.

In addition, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to study in complete silence, but doesn’t like music either, you can use the sound amplification in Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to amplify ambient sounds like the rustling of the leaves or the gentle sound of the rain against your window.  They allow you to create a real-life soundtrack of ambient sounds!

Lucid Audio takes into account the nuances of everyday life to allow you to achieve your best. This makes them the best headphones for students.

2. Group Projects 

“Group projects are the best!” said no one ever. Group projects are rough because when you’re headphones for studyingworking in a group, you have to collaborate with the members of your group, while also concentrating on the tasks assigned to you.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is perfect for balancing collaboration with concentration!  With the option to amplify ambient sounds, you can listen to the music that helps you focus, while continuing to tune in the voices of the members of your group.

But here’s the coolest part: you can tune in people’s voices at the volume that you choose!  This is a useful feature because if the members of your group are in a loud heated argument that doesn’t relate to your part of the project, you turn off the sound amplification feature.  Or, you can set the feature at a low volume just in case they say something relevant to you!

3. Large Lectures

headphones for students Okay I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would headphones be useful during lecture??  And I’ll be honest with you, in most cases, I hope you won’t need headphones during lecture.  But if you go to a school where there are large lectures, you know that it’s sometimes difficult to hear the professor when you happen to be sitting at the back.  I went to a large state school, so this was a problem that I experienced often.

If you’re in a large lecture hall where you don’t think the professor or TAs will mind that you have headphones or ear buds in, then Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology can actually help you turn up the volume on your professor’s voice!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology’s sound amplification feature will allow you to make your professor’s voice louder, allowing you to hear more clearly.  This will certainly make your notes better (since you can actually decipher what the professor is saying), and will mean that you’ll be straining your ears less during lecture.

Like we said, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are the best headphones for students because they help you out in all types of different situations!

4. Working Out 

As a student, you’ll want to hit the gym to clear your mind after all of that studying, those group projects, and those lectures!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband has you covered at the gym, too.  The neckband design is super sleek, allowing you to work out with ease to your favorite tunes.  The sound amplification feature comes in handy if you’re jogging outdoors.  It is important to hear the sounds of cars and people when you are running outdoors, and Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband is unique because it allows you to listen to music while also tuning in outdoor noises like cars and people.

These neckbands use such innovative technology that you’ll be excited to work out and use them!

So, have I convinced you that these are truly the best headphones for students?  You’ll find a use for them in the library, at home, in the lecture hall, and at the gym. They allow you to tune sounds in and out, granting you as much control as possible when your life is bound by deadlines and a tight schedule.

Now, go out there and be the best student you can be with the best headphones for students!

29 Jan

Headphones for Mindfulness

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What does mindfulness mean to you?

For me, mindfulness means: being at peace with the present moment and noticing sensations, feelings, and thoughts as we allow them to pass. One of the best tools for practicing mindfulness is one we all have within us: our breath. Focusing on our breathing can reconnect us to our natural rhythm and help us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

While headphones aren’t usually associated with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are unique because they give you access to the soft sounds around us and within us. Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones work by amplifying the ambient sounds thatheadphones for mindfulness are around us. These ambient sounds, like rustling of leaves, the purring of the cat, or even our own breath, can help deepen our practice of mindfulness. Feeling in-touch with our environments can help us feel mindful, and AMPED headphones do just that. This makes Lucid’s AMPED headphones the perfect headphones for mindfulness.  

Amplify your Surroundings & Breath

The first time I tried on Lucid’s AMPED headphones, I noticed that the microphone picked up on my breath, delivering the sound of my breath back to my ears more clearly than ever before. Being able to hear the sound of my breath was soothing, and I kept the headphones on without even playing music.

I could suddenly hear sounds around the house that I hadn’t noticed before. I heard the chair creak as my dog jumped off of it. I heard someone across the house pouring a glass of water. And I heard my fingers tapping against my desk. Noticing all of these sounds helped me feel connected to my environment.

You’re in Control

One wonderful feature of the Lucid’s AMPED Headphones is that you have complete control over how much headphones for mindfulness amplification you hear. You can easily turn the amplification off if you want to fully immerse yourself in a phone call or your favorite album. You have broad control over the degree of amplification you choose. You can hear as many or as few outside sounds as you’d like.

My personal recommendation is to spend a few moments everyday using your Lucid AMPED headphones solely to listen to ambient sounds. In the morning, you might consider sitting in a quiet place with your Lucid AMPED headphones and taking deep breaths to focus on the sound of your inhales and your exhales. For me, it is a truly beautiful experience to notice sounds that otherwise would have been hidden from me.
Check out Lucid’s AMPED headphones if you’re looking for headphones for mindfulness.

25 Jan

Redefining Sound: An Innovative, Philosophical Approach

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Take a moment to think about where you are right now. What sound can you hear that is the
furthest away from you? Maybe you hear cars whizzing by outside, or maybe you hear the sounds of typing, or maybe some laughter in the distance. And now, take a moment to noticeredefining sound the sound closest to you. Maybe it’s a nearby conversation, or the tapping of your feet, or even the sound of your own breath.

Sounds are around us constantly, but we don’t always stop to consider what we are hearing. And even more interestingly, we don’t often stop to consider what it means to be a sound? What counts as a sound, and where are sounds located (if they even have locations)?

At Lucid Audio, we are always thinking deeply about “sound” to improve the experience of listening. In this way, we are redefining sound. For the rest of this blog, I’ll walk you through some basic questions that will get you thinking about the fascinating nature of sound.

Sounds are qualities that we perceive. Other things that we perceive are temperatures, colors, and smells. These are all sensory qualities. However, sound is different from these other qualities because it can be harder to pin down. Where does sound exist in space? Does it only exist in the place that the sound is made, or does it only exist to the listener of the sound? If it only exists to the listener, does this mean that the same sound could be in hundreds of different places simultaneously (at a concert with a large crowd, for example)?

These questions are reminiscent of the age-old philosophical thought experiment: if a tree falls
in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Some would argue that the obvious answer is yes–obviously there would be a crashing noise; we could even put a recorder redefining soundin the forest to record the noise of it crashing. But if we took the recorder out, and there was absolutely no way to hear or record the sound, then would it still make sense to say that a sound was made? If there is no one to hear a sound, then the concept of “sound” might be meaningless.

Science helps to clear up some of this confusion by defining sound as a wave that travels through some medium. This interpretation clears up the previous questions because it interprets sound as one wave that stretches from the “maker” of the sound to the “hearer” of the sound. However, there are still philosophical questions about what sound as a “wave” means. If sound is always a wave, is it always a process rather than a discrete event? And what does it mean if one object makes a sound repetitively? Does “mooing” belong as a property to a cow, for example, or is it just one sound that the cow produces? While we can say that some tulips are the color yellow, it makes less sense to say that cows are their moos. But hey, maybe they are their moos!

There is so much to consider when it comes to sound. Lucid Audio is innovative because we are constantly redefining sound and the experience of hearing. The AMPED headphones, neckbands, and ear buds redefine sound because they allow you to listen sounds that are close to you and far away from you with equal ease. These AMPED products work by amplifying the noises around you that you might otherwise miss while listening through different headphones. Even as I write this blog, I can blast my music while still hearing my puppy whining across the house as she is ready to go outside.

By bringing the noises that are far from you closer to you, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is redefining sound. Once again, notice the sound that is furthest away from you, and the one that is closest to you. With Lucid’s AMPED technology, both of those noises could come straight into your ears at almost equal volume.

We encourage you to continue being curious about the sounds in our world. And in the meantime, we’ll keep redefining sound and enhancing the experience of listening

26 Nov

Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident

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Your ears. You probably don’t think about them much. But without your hearing, it becomes difficult to navigate your world safely. What would you do if you could no longer hear the deep notes of your favorite music, or the voice of your loved ones?

It is important to protect our sensitive ears to keep them healthy and functional. Lucid Audio’s new line of headphones and neckbands can help! These devices will protect your delicate ears, while allowing you the freedom to customize your sound experience.

More Than Just Great Sound

Lucid Audio has harnessed the power of modern technology to bring you a whole new kind of headphone. With the patentThe genius of AMPED http://www.lucidaudio.com pending power of AMPED™ technology, you can choose what you want to hear, at just the right volume.

Every Lucid Audio device is built with your safety, comfort, and enjoyment in mind.

  • With a 21dB Noise Reduction Rating, the low-profile ear cups on our headphones cradle your ears closely and comfortably.
  • Sound Activated Compression is always on guard! It instantly activates to protect against damage and hearing loss caused by loud sounds.
  • The AND Control Center puts you in control! With the touch of a button, you can choose to turn up the volume on your world (and the ambient noise around you), or block it out completely.

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity means you can take control of your listening experience, no matter where you go.

Going to see your favorite sports team play? Turn up the ambient noise, so you can hear every announcement and crack of the bat with crystal clarity.

Do you work with heavy machinery? Now you can listen to your music while you work, without sacrificing safety.

Take the family to a concert, and let the magic of Sound Activated Compression protect your sense of hearing without worrying about damage.

Stay Safe AND Sound

Hearing loss is a serious condition. It can affect your ability to work, move around safely, and enjoy your world. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start taking care of one of your most precious resources.

At Lucid Audio, each device is designed and manufactured to help you hear better. Visit lucidaudio.com to learn more about how these products can improve and enhance your daily life.