28 Apr

What Qualities Make for the Best Headphones?

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It’s easy to spend hours and hours searching through lists and aisles of headphones, trying to find the best pair. With so many options out there, how can we determine which headphones are the best headphones for our lifestyle and needs?

Decision making isn’t easy, especially with so many options out there. According to the famous “Jam Study,” conducted by Sheena Iyengar and others, which you can read here, too many choices leaves us in a sort of paralysis. How can we determine what the best option is when there are so many competing options? Too many choices can, in fact, be demotivating.

In your search for the best headphones, or anything else, it’s helpful to establish a list of qualities and features that are important to you. Once you have created this list, you can browse headphones to see which ones best satisfy the qualities on your list.

After talking to a number of headphone users, we put together a list of the qualities that people find important in headphones. We also explain how Lucid Audio’s headphones have the qualities that are important to headphone users. This list can be a starting point for your own list!

3 Important Qualities for the Best Headphones

1. Comfort

This quality came up over and over in our discussions with people. While all best headphonesheadphones share the similar function of delivering sound to your ears, some do it with more comfort than others. It’s hard to want to put headphones on when they are uncomfortable. This makes comfort a key factor in establishing which headphones are the best headphones.

Lucid Audio’s headphones are comfortable and fit snugly around your ears. Some versions even compress closer to your ears in response to loud outside noises, to provide essential protection to your ears!

In addition, the Lucid neckband, the Hearband, comes with 3 different tips that you can fit into your ears. These choices ensure that you’ll always have a tip that fits perfectly in your ear, no matter how your ear is shaped!

2.  Compactness

Most people use headphones on the go. Whether you’re planning on taking best headphonesyour headphones to work with you, or for a stroll, you’ll want your headphones to be slick enough to be transportable with ease. Lucid Audio’s headphones are designed for convenience. You can fold them so they take up minimal space in your bag or backpack.

The Hearband is even more compact. It can fit in even the smallest bags, and around your neck. You’ll hardly notice your neckband around your neck!

3. Control

They’re your headphones, so you should be in control. The best headphones are the ones where the all of the controls (for volume, etc.) all all intuitive.best headphones Lucid takes control a step further. Not only are the controls intuitive, AMPED technology also allows you to control what sounds you let into your ears. With AMPED technology, you can amplify ambient sounds along with your music or audio? What does this look like? You can filter in the voices of your friends and coworkers when you choose, and adjust the volume of your music or phone call. Lucid Headphones give you optimal control in multiple ways.

So what qualities do you find most important in headphones? Let us know in our comments section! 


10 Apr

Work Headphones with Optimal Functionality: The 5 C’s

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When you’re at work, you need headphones that are up for any challenge.  Below, we’ve identified some qualities that are important in work headphones.  We also explain how Lucid Audio’s headphones provide all the functionality you need at work, and more. We’ve distilled optimal functionality for work headphones into the ‘5 C’s’: Clarity, Connectivity, Comfort, Convenience, and Continuity. Read more about each characteristic below: 

1. Clarity 

When you’re on a call, it’s important to hear every word with ease.  Ideal headphones will give you the flexibility to work in crowded spaces and still hear the work headphonesperson at the other end of your call. High quality sound is key, and Lucid Audio
delivers.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones have Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones on each side that provide clear sound enhancement for phone calls.

In addition, Lucid Audio’s Ultra Low Profile Ear Cups with folding design are form fitting to ensure the best sound quality. The HD speakers and drivers provide a wide range of audio quality for natural sound clarity!  All of these features for sound clarity make Lucid Audio’s headphones excellent work headphones!

2. Connectivity 

At work, it’s crucial to remain connected to those in the office and outside of the office.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones with Bluetooth Sound technology allow you to facilitate these connections by first connecting with your devices.  Lucid Audio’s Low Latency Bluetooth enables high audio quality and wireless media synchronization.  When your headphones are connected to your devices via Bluetooth, you can answer calls from your phone or your computer with just the touch of a button on your headphones!  You’re likely to never miss a call again while shifting between your devices!

In addition, Lucid Audio’s headphones are great work headphones because they allow you to connect and collaborate with your colleagues with ease. The feature work headphonesthat makes Lucid Audio’s headphones most unique is the ability to hear and adjust both internal audio AND outside sounds! Here’s a scenario: Let’s say music helps you focus, but you’re worried about accidentally ignoring your boss when she comes by to speak with you. Lucid Audio has a solution! With Lucid Audio’s AMPED smart technology, you can amplify the outside world up to 9x, while also staying tuned into your music! This means you can choose to hear your boss or collegues clearly while listening to your favorite tunes (or while you’re on a call). It’s all up to you!

3. Comfort

Comfort is crucial when it comes to work headphones.  Whether you work a job that requires you to wear an itchy suit, or whether you work long hours in the sun, work headphonesyour headphones shouldn’t be a source of discomfort in your work day.  Lucid Audio’s headphones are comfortable and fit snugly around/in your ears.

You can choose between Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones or the AMPED hearing neckband.  The Neckband is a lightweight, flexible alternative to the headphones, which provide more structure and support. Both devices provide maximum comfort, and you might even forget you’re wearing them!

4. Convenience 

Grab ’em and go! Lucid Audio’s AMPED headbands in particular are a great option work headphonesfor business travel, or even just your daily commute!  These headbands are lightweight and flexible enough to fit into your purse, briefcase, or backpack!

With the Lucid Audio AMPED headphones, convenience comes at the touch of a button.  You can answer calls and adjust the volume of internal and external sounds with just the touch of a button!  Everything you need for your calls and other audio needs is right at your fingertips!

And finally, both Lucid Audio’s headbands and headphones are ready to wear out of the box, providing you with optimal convenience starting at the moment of purchase!

5. Continuity 

The best work headphones won’t just offer you incredible features now, they’ll also continue to protect your hearing for the future. Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones protect your ears in two main ways.  First, they have ear cups with a work headphonesfolding design that is form fitting to ensure protection from loud noises.  And second, some models have sound activated compression that instantly activates to protect your ears from loud, harmful noises!

Lucid Audio’s headphones don’t just give you what you need to hear now, they also protect your hearing for the future.

So, when you’re looking for work headphones, remember the ‘5 C’s’: Clarity, Connectivity, Comfort, Convenience, and Continuity.  Have other characteristics that are important to you in work headphones? Tell us about them in our comments section! 

31 Mar

The Best Headphones for Students

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Are you a student looking for the ideal headphones for all aspects of your life?  As a recent graduate myself, I can guide you in the right direction to finding the best headphones for students.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones and neckbands feature unique technology that will serve you in a wide-range of situations.

Below are 4 aspects of your life as a student that Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones can enhance: 

1. Studying 

headphones for studyingAs a student, your first priority should be studying (yeah…we know this isn’t always the case, but in theory, right?)  Your headphones should match this priority.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is geared toward minimizing unimportant distractions.

Take it from my own personal experience.  In college, I studied philosophy.  When I wasn’t reading dense books of philosophical theory, I was writing papers that required careful thought and the meticulous organization of ideas.

And, like most college students, I had roommates.  In fact, I once lived in a small town home with 11 other people!  All of my roommates were amazing, and they are some of my closest friends now; however, living with other people meant that I was often interrupted while studying.

Some of these interruptions were necessary and important (“Hey, our microwave is on fire!” or “I’m about to throw out your bread because it’s molding…”)  Other interruptions were less important (“What should I wear out tonight??  Heels or flats?”)  All of these interruptions required me to pull of my headphones to hear what my roommates were saying, pulling me away from the intense focus that had already taken hours for me to develop.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is unique because it allows you to listen to the music that helps you focus, while also having the ability to tune in the voices of people around you, at the volume that you choose.  With AMPED technology, you’ll have the option of filtering in voices without having to pull off your headphones, allowing you to get right back to studying if the distraction is unimportant.

In addition, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to study in complete silence, but doesn’t like music either, you can use the sound amplification in Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to amplify ambient sounds like the rustling of the leaves or the gentle sound of the rain against your window.  They allow you to create a real-life soundtrack of ambient sounds!

Lucid Audio takes into account the nuances of everyday life to allow you to achieve your best. This makes them the best headphones for students.

2. Group Projects 

“Group projects are the best!” said no one ever. Group projects are rough because when you’re headphones for studyingworking in a group, you have to collaborate with the members of your group, while also concentrating on the tasks assigned to you.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is perfect for balancing collaboration with concentration!  With the option to amplify ambient sounds, you can listen to the music that helps you focus, while continuing to tune in the voices of the members of your group.

But here’s the coolest part: you can tune in people’s voices at the volume that you choose!  This is a useful feature because if the members of your group are in a loud heated argument that doesn’t relate to your part of the project, you turn off the sound amplification feature.  Or, you can set the feature at a low volume just in case they say something relevant to you!

3. Large Lectures

headphones for students Okay I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would headphones be useful during lecture??  And I’ll be honest with you, in most cases, I hope you won’t need headphones during lecture.  But if you go to a school where there are large lectures, you know that it’s sometimes difficult to hear the professor when you happen to be sitting at the back.  I went to a large state school, so this was a problem that I experienced often.

If you’re in a large lecture hall where you don’t think the professor or TAs will mind that you have headphones or ear buds in, then Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology can actually help you turn up the volume on your professor’s voice!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology’s sound amplification feature will allow you to make your professor’s voice louder, allowing you to hear more clearly.  This will certainly make your notes better (since you can actually decipher what the professor is saying), and will mean that you’ll be straining your ears less during lecture.

Like we said, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are the best headphones for students because they help you out in all types of different situations!

4. Working Out 

As a student, you’ll want to hit the gym to clear your mind after all of that studying, those group projects, and those lectures!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband has you covered at the gym, too.  The neckband design is super sleek, allowing you to work out with ease to your favorite tunes.  The sound amplification feature comes in handy if you’re jogging outdoors.  It is important to hear the sounds of cars and people when you are running outdoors, and Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband is unique because it allows you to listen to music while also tuning in outdoor noises like cars and people.

These neckbands use such innovative technology that you’ll be excited to work out and use them!

So, have I convinced you that these are truly the best headphones for students?  You’ll find a use for them in the library, at home, in the lecture hall, and at the gym. They allow you to tune sounds in and out, granting you as much control as possible when your life is bound by deadlines and a tight schedule.

Now, go out there and be the best student you can be with the best headphones for students!

25 Jan

Redefining Sound: An Innovative, Philosophical Approach

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Take a moment to think about where you are right now. What sound can you hear that is the
furthest away from you? Maybe you hear cars whizzing by outside, or maybe you hear the sounds of typing, or maybe some laughter in the distance. And now, take a moment to noticeredefining sound the sound closest to you. Maybe it’s a nearby conversation, or the tapping of your feet, or even the sound of your own breath.

Sounds are around us constantly, but we don’t always stop to consider what we are hearing. And even more interestingly, we don’t often stop to consider what it means to be a sound? What counts as a sound, and where are sounds located (if they even have locations)?

At Lucid Audio, we are always thinking deeply about “sound” to improve the experience of listening. In this way, we are redefining sound. For the rest of this blog, I’ll walk you through some basic questions that will get you thinking about the fascinating nature of sound.

Sounds are qualities that we perceive. Other things that we perceive are temperatures, colors, and smells. These are all sensory qualities. However, sound is different from these other qualities because it can be harder to pin down. Where does sound exist in space? Does it only exist in the place that the sound is made, or does it only exist to the listener of the sound? If it only exists to the listener, does this mean that the same sound could be in hundreds of different places simultaneously (at a concert with a large crowd, for example)?

These questions are reminiscent of the age-old philosophical thought experiment: if a tree falls
in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Some would argue that the obvious answer is yes–obviously there would be a crashing noise; we could even put a recorder redefining soundin the forest to record the noise of it crashing. But if we took the recorder out, and there was absolutely no way to hear or record the sound, then would it still make sense to say that a sound was made? If there is no one to hear a sound, then the concept of “sound” might be meaningless.

Science helps to clear up some of this confusion by defining sound as a wave that travels through some medium. This interpretation clears up the previous questions because it interprets sound as one wave that stretches from the “maker” of the sound to the “hearer” of the sound. However, there are still philosophical questions about what sound as a “wave” means. If sound is always a wave, is it always a process rather than a discrete event? And what does it mean if one object makes a sound repetitively? Does “mooing” belong as a property to a cow, for example, or is it just one sound that the cow produces? While we can say that some tulips are the color yellow, it makes less sense to say that cows are their moos. But hey, maybe they are their moos!

There is so much to consider when it comes to sound. Lucid Audio is innovative because we are constantly redefining sound and the experience of hearing. The AMPED headphones, neckbands, and ear buds redefine sound because they allow you to listen sounds that are close to you and far away from you with equal ease. These AMPED products work by amplifying the noises around you that you might otherwise miss while listening through different headphones. Even as I write this blog, I can blast my music while still hearing my puppy whining across the house as she is ready to go outside.

By bringing the noises that are far from you closer to you, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is redefining sound. Once again, notice the sound that is furthest away from you, and the one that is closest to you. With Lucid’s AMPED technology, both of those noises could come straight into your ears at almost equal volume.

We encourage you to continue being curious about the sounds in our world. And in the meantime, we’ll keep redefining sound and enhancing the experience of listening

19 Jan

Make Clarity Your New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year!

Forty-five percent of Americans will make a resolution for the new year. Unfortunately, only 8% will achieve their goal. The difference between those who dream and those who achieve is perspective and focus.

Clarity and Hearing

Your ability to hear can impact your ability to focus. You rely on your sense of hearing to help you safely navigate the world and accomplish your tasks. However, more than 48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

Hidden Hearing Loss

Hidden hearing loss is damage to the delicate nerve endings in the inner ear. You may have an uncle who turns his television up way too loud, or the friend who hates going out because he can’t have a decent conversation in bars and restaurants. For the most part, their hearing is fine. They simply struggle to hear well when there is a lot of competing background noise.

While it is typically a mild condition, it’s also very common and can obstruct your progress as you pursue your goals. Fortunately, Lucid Audio has the solution. With the power of our patent pending AMPEDTM technology you can customize your sound experience to fit your needs. Turn up the volume of the world around you at the AND Control Center.  Turn the volume all the way down when you need to concentrate.  That’s the power of headphones and neckbands with amplification!

Enhance Your Abilities, Realize Your Dreams

  • Are you trying to get back into shape by taking a walk every morning? Lucid’s headphones andHeadphones with amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.com neckbands allow you to enjoy your tunes AND amplify the sound of approaching traffic.
  • Going back to school to finish your degree? Touch the button on your Lucid Audio headphones to amplify the lecture so you never miss a single word.
  • Would you like to read more or learn a new skill in the new year? Take advantage of that long commute. Turn down the ambient noises, and expand your mind in quiet comfort or increase the ambient sounds to stay aware of your environment while pursuing your own educational goals.

Regardless of whether you need a little help or a lot, Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckbands with amplification can give you the benefit of your own personal listening device.  Visit our website to explore the power of AMPEDTM and discover how we can help you reach your new year’s goals.

15 Jan

5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Bicycles let you exercise almost every muscle in your body simultaneously. Besides being great exercise, they are also a healthy and economical means of transportation. However, bicycle riding can be dangerous. In 2013, bicyclists accounted for 494,000 trips to the emergency room. Whether your path takes you through your favorite local park, or across busy rush hour intersections, stay alert to the sounds around you and remember some good sense tips to stay safe and sound.headphones amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.com

Follow the Rules of the Road

  • Obey all traffic signals and road signs, including lane markings
  • Most state laws prohibit riding against the flow of traffic

Be Visible

  • Wear bright, reflective colors
  • Install reflectors on your bike
  • Consider installing a headlight. It will improve your visibility while making you easier to see.

Stay Aware and Alert

  • Keep items you need during your ride, like water bottles, in an easy to reach place.
  • Look behind you frequently. Or, consider installing rearview mirrors.
  • Consider purchasing a set of high-performance headphones with amplification. Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckbands enable you to turn up ambient sounds, up to 9x amplification. Turning up the sounds around you means you’ll never need to worry about the traffic behind you. Two hi gain omni directional microphones allows you to not only hear but enhance the sounds around you. You’ll never be taken by surprise again!  You can enjoy your music, connect to incoming phone calls or check your messages with a simple touch of a button. All while staying aware of everything happening at a busy intersection or in the park. Switch easily between all of these functions without breaking your rhythm and stay safe on the road.

Communicate with Others on the Road

  • Giheadphones amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.comve hand signals as often as possible. Make your movements big, so you are sure to be seen.
  • Make eye contact with passing drivers. This way you can be sure they see you before you make a potentially dangerous turn.
  • A key aspect of communication is being able to hear and respond quickly to what’s happening around you. Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckband allow you to turn up the volume on the world around you so you can communicate effectively with other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers while staying fit.  Hear the honk of car horns and act accordingly. React safely near construction areas and hear those who may be trying to communicate with you while cycling. Hear all these sounds at a normal level or amplify them up to 9X. The choice is yours.

Unlike other neckbands or headphones with amplification, Lucid Audio devices actually increase your safety on the road. The powerful AMPEDTM technology keeps you alert and aware of all the sounds around you, regardless of how focused you are on your path.

Stay safe AND sound with Lucid Audio’s line of neckbands and headphones with amplification. Visit our website to see how this revolutionary technology can improve your riding time.


12 Jan

Headphones for Coworking

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Coworking spaces are super popular right now.  There’s a special allure to working in a communal space gift ideas for the person with everything imagewhere ideas and inspiration are born in the company of other people all working on their own projects.  Coworking spaces bring people together to escape the isolation of being a freelancer or the monotony of the typical office environment.

Balancing Focus and Collaboration

One challenge that patrons of coworking spaces encounter is the delicate balance between focusing on one’s own work, while also being open to collaboration.

For me, music is key to helping me focus deeply. However, it has to be the type of music I’m in the mood for.  If I’m in the midst of writing a paper, I prefer instrumentals where the lyrics won’t distract me and the beat will keep me energized. When I’m working with numbers, I prefer listening to hip hop, which keeps me in the zone.

In the past, listening to my own music in coworking spaces was difficult because most headphones cancel out the external environment so much that collaborating becomes impossible while listening to music. It was hard for me to find headphones for coworking that allow me to listen to my own music while also interacting comfortably with others. However, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology solves this problem!

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones allow you to listen to the music that you want, while also amplifying the sounds around you. This way, you’re able to listen to music that helps you focus, while also staying tuned into the conversations happening around you. Rather than having to pull off your headphones to participate in those conversations, Lucid’s AMPED technology allows you to interact effortlessly, allowing the music to be a backdrop to your conversations, just as music in coworking spaces should be.

With Lucid’s AMPED technology, you’ll never have to lift up or pull off your headphones ever again when someone tries to speak with you–you’ll always be completely engaged with those around you and your music.

If you’re looking for headphones for coworking, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are perfect. The dual desire to listen to your choice of music while also collaborating with others is legitimate and so possible. Lucid Audio ensures there are no more tradeoffs.


30 Dec

3 Ways to Create a Better New Year’s Resolution

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The beginning of the year is a great time to refocus and prioritize. With some planning, a little effort, and the right tools, you can set and achieve your new year’s goals.

What Do You Really Want?

Setting a meaningful goal can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you create real resolutions that you can actually achieve.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and spend 5 or 10 minutes writing about the changes you want to see in your life. What you learn could surprise you.
  2. Saying “I want to compete in a triathlon” may not be realistic. Make a list of the steps you need to take to accomplish your ultimate goal, and concentrate on them one at a time.
  3. Don’t overdo it! Keep your list to three items, or less.

Stay the Course!

Setting goals creates a strong, but temporary, surge of motivation. To achieve your goals, you will need to keep yourself focused.

  1. Prioritize your time. Most goals are the cumulative result of smaller, daily actions. Set aside a time every day to work on your ideas. Put it on your calendar or set an alarm.
  2. Create a quiet space for your work. A set of higher performance headphones can help create calm and quiet in even the most chaotic environment.
  3. Review your goals regularly, and track your progress to help stay focused.

The Right Tools for a Winning State of Mind

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of higher performance headphones offer the right technology to help you stay focused and reach your goals.3 ways to create a new year's resolution higher performance headphones http://www.lucidaudio.com

  • Lucid Audio’s devices offer clear, stereo quality sound, along with the convenience of wireless connectivity. Maybe one of your resolutions is to read more books this year? The powerful AND Control Center lets you listen to your audio books with clarity and confidence, regardless of how noisy your environment.
  • Are you trying to reduce stress? Create your own sacred space, no matter where you are, with headphones that provide up to 21 dB Noise Rating Reduction. The foldable design makes these devices easy to carry wherever you go.

Lucid Audio’s higher performance headphones and personal audio devices are built for comfort, ease of use, and convenience. Each device is loaded with features that can help you stay focused and on track to achieving the life you want. Visit Lucidaudio.com and get the tools you need now for a more focused and effective New Year.


28 Oct

The Genius of AMPED™

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Lucid Audio has recently released an extraordinary new line of Bluetooth neckbands and headphones. What makes them so special? The answer is the genius of their cutting-edge AMPED™ technology, which allows you to customize the way you hear the world like no other device can.

One Less Thing to Think About

Allysa is a socially active artist living in a big city. She often takes the bus to get to her various commitments. The genius of AMPED http://www.lucidaudio.comHer Lucid Audio headphones allow her to integrate music into her daily activities in ways no other audio device can. Using the AND Control Center, she can choose to concentrate on her music. With the touch of a button, she can choose to have a clear conversation on a busy bus. The world around her comes in more clearly because of her Lucid Audio headphones.  The patent pending AMPED™  technology let’s her hear what she wants, when she wants.

She also likes how easy it is to use the Bluetooth neckbands and headphones. “They are wireless, so I can…pick a song I want to put on, put my phone in my bag…so, this is one less thing that I have to think about.”

Safe AND Sound

Ben is a modern day renaissance man. He is a builder, a designer, a photographer, and a motorcycle enthusiast. His Lucid Audio neckband gives him the power to enjoy his music with stereo quality sound while staying safe on the road.

With his neckband, he can increase the sounds of traffic around him. He can be safe and alert, while listening to his very own soundtrack.

“I enjoy listening to music a lot while I’m riding,’ he says. “…It’s like I’m the movie star of my own movie….I feel safe when I use it.”

Your Life – AMPED

The genius of AMPED http://www.lucidaudio.comThis unique smart technology has been engineered for our modern times. Often we’re surrounded by the noise of traffic, conversations from others and the general chaos of life. This patent pending smart technology puts you in control of hearing what you want, when you want.

How could the genius of AMPED™ add safety and convenience to your daily life?

  • Clearly hear the conversations you want to hear most
  • Enjoy your motivation music during your morning run, and still be able to hear what’s happening around you
  • Switch between your tunes and incoming calls with the touch of a button
  • Protect your hearing at loud outdoor events

With devices starting at $79, Lucid Audio has the right product for you, at the right price. Visit Lucidaudio.com for product information.

28 Oct

A Higher Performance Headphone Is Here

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The higher performance headphones you’ve been looking for are finally here!

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of headphones and neckbands are now available for purchase!

A Revolution in Personal Audio Devices

What makes these personal audio devices different from others? The answer is the genius of our patent pending AMPED™ technology, which gives you the freedom to choose. Each device is equipped with the AND Control Center, which puts the power in your hands to customize your world.

  • Block out ambient sounds, or amplify them up to 9x.A Higher Performance Headphone http://www.lucidaudio.com
  • Adjust media and call volumes with the touch of a button.
  • Sound Activated Compression protects your hearing from sudden increases in volume, from your media or your surrounding environment.
  • High definition speakers deliver natural, stereo quality sound.

How is all of this possible in one device?

  • Hi gain omni directional microphones, with independent volume controls, give you the ability to enhance ambient sounds
  • Form fitting, ultra-low profile ear cups with a 21dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) ensure that you only hear what you want, at the volume you want.

Your World, AMPED!

A Higher Performance Headphone http://www.lucidaudio.comOur products offer more than you’ve come to expect! Enjoy all life has to offer in a more meaningful way, now that you can decide whether you want to hear it all or nothing at all.

Now you can

  • Hear conversations around you more clearly
  • Block out the world during study time
  • Enhance the sounds of nature during meditation or long walks
  • Conduct business on a busy commuter train with crystal clear quality sound
  • Enjoy your tunes and still hear the traffic around you during your morning run

No other device on the market offers the quality of sound and freedom of customization that Lucid Audio offers!

Visit Lucidaudio.com for more information on our unique line of headphones, neckbands, and accessories. With prices starting at $79, you are sure to find the right device for your needs, at the right price. Get AMPED™ with Lucid Audio!