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23 Feb

The Hazards and Joys of Being a Runner

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Runners Are Lucky

Being a runner doesn’t take special equipment or gear. With a pair of good running shoes, runners can run anywhere, anytime. They can, loop the block or log 10-15 miles in any direction. All runners have a few common characteristics. They spot every port-a-potty in town and they replace running shoes more often than their toothbrushes. They also use their watch to track distance and heart-rate, not time. It seems, once a person starts running, it’s in their blood and they want more.

Best Cities for Runners

My friend Martha is an avid runner. She travels for work and never misses an opportunity to run. Martha says, “It’s a great way to see new places. It’s an adventure! Who doesn’t like adventure?”

What makes a city great for runners? Aside from planned races to run, it has to be the culture and surroundings that make the experiences rich. For fun, I compiled the top 5 common best US cities for runners, according to Runners World, Active.com, Women’s Running and Forbes:

  • San Francisco, CA – prepare yourself for the famous hills and smell of the ocean
  • New York City – challenge yourself to identify as many celebrities as you can
  • Chicago, Illinois – enjoy the lakeshore of the beautiful Windy City
  • Washington, DC – a great way to see our national treasures
  • Portland, OR – run off all that wonderful food you’re going to indulge in at their many micro-breweries.

Running Safety

HeadBands for runners

I have noticed, runners (including Martha) get lost in their own world when they run. They often forget the #1 rule, “SAFETY FIRST”!  Below are a few safety guidelines as a reminder:

  • Protect your feet and knees: wear good shoes and run on grass when possible
  • Avoid uneven sidewalks, curbs, rocks, holes, tree roots or any obstacles
  • Keep your heart rate up, try not to stop. But, by all means, don’t run through a red light!
  • Avoid breathing exhaust. Run in the morning when the air is clear.
  • Jog against traffic so you can see cars coming toward you. Wear reflective gear.
  • Approach intersections with caution.
  • Be alert! Run with HearBand SportTM neckband headphones. With the LED flashing light and reflective tape, you will be seen and able to control ambient sound and music – interdependently. Check these out: HearBand Sport.  

Runners Playlist

I leave you with Spotify’s most streamed workout tracks of 2017. Load these on your device when the new HearBand Sport neckbands arrive.

  1. “Till I Collapse” – Eminem
  2. “Rockstar” – Post Malone
  3. “Lose Yourself” – Soundtrack Version Eminem
  4. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar
  5. “More Than You Know” – Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  6. “Mi Gente” (feat. Beyoncé) – J Balvin
  7. “Havana” – Camila Cabello
  8. “You Don’t Know Me” – Radio Edit – Jax Jones
  9. “New Rules” – Dua Lipa
  10. “POWER” – Kanye West

I admit these songs would not be my first choice, I am a spa music kinda gal.

What is are your favorite songs for working out? Inspire me!

28 Apr

What Qualities Make for the Best Headphones?

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It’s easy to spend hours and hours searching through lists and aisles of headphones, trying to find the best pair. With so many options out there, how can we determine which headphones are the best headphones for our lifestyle and needs?

Decision making isn’t easy, especially with so many options out there. According to the famous “Jam Study,” conducted by Sheena Iyengar and others, which you can read here, too many choices leaves us in a sort of paralysis. How can we determine what the best option is when there are so many competing options? Too many choices can, in fact, be demotivating.

In your search for the best headphones, or anything else, it’s helpful to establish a list of qualities and features that are important to you. Once you have created this list, you can browse headphones to see which ones best satisfy the qualities on your list.

After talking to a number of headphone users, we put together a list of the qualities that people find important in headphones. We also explain how Lucid Audio’s headphones have the qualities that are important to headphone users. This list can be a starting point for your own list!

3 Important Qualities for the Best Headphones

1. Comfort

This quality came up over and over in our discussions with people. While all best headphonesheadphones share the similar function of delivering sound to your ears, some do it with more comfort than others. It’s hard to want to put headphones on when they are uncomfortable. This makes comfort a key factor in establishing which headphones are the best headphones.

Lucid Audio’s headphones are comfortable and fit snugly around your ears. Some versions even compress closer to your ears in response to loud outside noises, to provide essential protection to your ears!

In addition, the Lucid neckband, the Hearband, comes with 3 different tips that you can fit into your ears. These choices ensure that you’ll always have a tip that fits perfectly in your ear, no matter how your ear is shaped!

2.  Compactness

Most people use headphones on the go. Whether you’re planning on taking best headphonesyour headphones to work with you, or for a stroll, you’ll want your headphones to be slick enough to be transportable with ease. Lucid Audio’s headphones are designed for convenience. You can fold them so they take up minimal space in your bag or backpack.

The Hearband is even more compact. It can fit in even the smallest bags, and around your neck. You’ll hardly notice your neckband around your neck!

3. Control

They’re your headphones, so you should be in control. The best headphones are the ones where the all of the controls (for volume, etc.) all all intuitive.best headphones Lucid takes control a step further. Not only are the controls intuitive, AMPED technology also allows you to control what sounds you let into your ears. With AMPED technology, you can amplify ambient sounds along with your music or audio? What does this look like? You can filter in the voices of your friends and coworkers when you choose, and adjust the volume of your music or phone call. Lucid Headphones give you optimal control in multiple ways.

So what qualities do you find most important in headphones? Let us know in our comments section! 


21 Apr

Staying Present in the Moment: Headphones for Long Distance Relationships

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Technology in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough.  However, technology offers us more and more ways to stay connected to our loved ones long distance relationships when we are apart.  Our phones help us stay connected.  There’s the “good morning” text, the workout selfie, and even app games to play with one another.  The most meaningful way to connect with your long distance partner, though, is by hearing their voice.

According to a study explained in a CNN article, people spend an average of 58 minutes a day on their phones. “Even with all the bells, whistles, and apps,” the study found, “the biggest chunk of that time is spent talking on the phone.”

In long distance relationships, time spent talking on the phone spikes. Since the opportunity to connect in person is diminished, talking on the phone often replaces the time a couple would have spent together.

Hearing it All AND Having it All

It can be easy, in long distance relationships, to become attached to your phone and begin losing touch with the people and places right in front of you. In an effort to stay connected to your loved one, you can begin to become disconnected from the sounds and voices that are beyond your phone.

Lucid Audio gets it. And with our technology, you have the power of AND. You can stay connected to your loved one AND stay connected to your surroundings.

Sound amplification technology allows you to talk on the phone during your evening stroll, on the bus, or during a meal, all while letting in all of the sounds around you. You can control the volume of the voice on the phone line along with the ambient sounds around you.

This is not only a convenience, it’s also a good safety measure. With so much time spent talking on the phone, it would be easy to miss a long distance relationshipscar’s horn, a baby’s cries at the park, or the kitchen timer at home without Lucid Audio’s unique technology. Allowing ambient noise in gives you (and your loved one) peace of mind when you talk on the phone. The headphones also allow you to stay present in the moment, absorbing the sounds that surround you, along with the voice of the person you miss.

At last, you can hear it all AND you can have it all.