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23 Feb

The Hazards and Joys of Being a Runner

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Runners Are Lucky

Being a runner doesn’t take special equipment or gear. With a pair of good running shoes, runners can run anywhere, anytime. They can, loop the block or log 10-15 miles in any direction. All runners have a few common characteristics. They spot every port-a-potty in town and they replace running shoes more often than their toothbrushes. They also use their watch to track distance and heart-rate, not time. It seems, once a person starts running, it’s in their blood and they want more.

Best Cities for Runners

My friend Martha is an avid runner. She travels for work and never misses an opportunity to run. Martha says, “It’s a great way to see new places. It’s an adventure! Who doesn’t like adventure?”

What makes a city great for runners? Aside from planned races to run, it has to be the culture and surroundings that make the experiences rich. For fun, I compiled the top 5 common best US cities for runners, according to Runners World, Active.com, Women’s Running and Forbes:

  • San Francisco, CA – prepare yourself for the famous hills and smell of the ocean
  • New York City – challenge yourself to identify as many celebrities as you can
  • Chicago, Illinois – enjoy the lakeshore of the beautiful Windy City
  • Washington, DC – a great way to see our national treasures
  • Portland, OR – run off all that wonderful food you’re going to indulge in at their many micro-breweries.

Running Safety

HeadBands for runners

I have noticed, runners (including Martha) get lost in their own world when they run. They often forget the #1 rule, “SAFETY FIRST”!  Below are a few safety guidelines as a reminder:

  • Protect your feet and knees: wear good shoes and run on grass when possible
  • Avoid uneven sidewalks, curbs, rocks, holes, tree roots or any obstacles
  • Keep your heart rate up, try not to stop. But, by all means, don’t run through a red light!
  • Avoid breathing exhaust. Run in the morning when the air is clear.
  • Jog against traffic so you can see cars coming toward you. Wear reflective gear.
  • Approach intersections with caution.
  • Be alert! Run with HearBand SportTM neckband headphones. With the LED flashing light and reflective tape, you will be seen and able to control ambient sound and music – interdependently. Check these out: HearBand Sport.  

Runners Playlist

I leave you with Spotify’s most streamed workout tracks of 2017. Load these on your device when the new HearBand Sport neckbands arrive.

  1. “Till I Collapse” – Eminem
  2. “Rockstar” – Post Malone
  3. “Lose Yourself” – Soundtrack Version Eminem
  4. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar
  5. “More Than You Know” – Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  6. “Mi Gente” (feat. Beyoncé) – J Balvin
  7. “Havana” – Camila Cabello
  8. “You Don’t Know Me” – Radio Edit – Jax Jones
  9. “New Rules” – Dua Lipa
  10. “POWER” – Kanye West

I admit these songs would not be my first choice, I am a spa music kinda gal.

What is are your favorite songs for working out? Inspire me!

31 Mar

The Best Headphones for Students

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Are you a student looking for the ideal headphones for all aspects of your life?  As a recent graduate myself, I can guide you in the right direction to finding the best headphones for students.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones and neckbands feature unique technology that will serve you in a wide-range of situations.

Below are 4 aspects of your life as a student that Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones can enhance: 

1. Studying 

headphones for studyingAs a student, your first priority should be studying (yeah…we know this isn’t always the case, but in theory, right?)  Your headphones should match this priority.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is geared toward minimizing unimportant distractions.

Take it from my own personal experience.  In college, I studied philosophy.  When I wasn’t reading dense books of philosophical theory, I was writing papers that required careful thought and the meticulous organization of ideas.

And, like most college students, I had roommates.  In fact, I once lived in a small town home with 11 other people!  All of my roommates were amazing, and they are some of my closest friends now; however, living with other people meant that I was often interrupted while studying.

Some of these interruptions were necessary and important (“Hey, our microwave is on fire!” or “I’m about to throw out your bread because it’s molding…”)  Other interruptions were less important (“What should I wear out tonight??  Heels or flats?”)  All of these interruptions required me to pull of my headphones to hear what my roommates were saying, pulling me away from the intense focus that had already taken hours for me to develop.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is unique because it allows you to listen to the music that helps you focus, while also having the ability to tune in the voices of people around you, at the volume that you choose.  With AMPED technology, you’ll have the option of filtering in voices without having to pull off your headphones, allowing you to get right back to studying if the distraction is unimportant.

In addition, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to study in complete silence, but doesn’t like music either, you can use the sound amplification in Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to amplify ambient sounds like the rustling of the leaves or the gentle sound of the rain against your window.  They allow you to create a real-life soundtrack of ambient sounds!

Lucid Audio takes into account the nuances of everyday life to allow you to achieve your best. This makes them the best headphones for students.

2. Group Projects 

“Group projects are the best!” said no one ever. Group projects are rough because when you’re headphones for studyingworking in a group, you have to collaborate with the members of your group, while also concentrating on the tasks assigned to you.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is perfect for balancing collaboration with concentration!  With the option to amplify ambient sounds, you can listen to the music that helps you focus, while continuing to tune in the voices of the members of your group.

But here’s the coolest part: you can tune in people’s voices at the volume that you choose!  This is a useful feature because if the members of your group are in a loud heated argument that doesn’t relate to your part of the project, you turn off the sound amplification feature.  Or, you can set the feature at a low volume just in case they say something relevant to you!

3. Large Lectures

headphones for students Okay I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would headphones be useful during lecture??  And I’ll be honest with you, in most cases, I hope you won’t need headphones during lecture.  But if you go to a school where there are large lectures, you know that it’s sometimes difficult to hear the professor when you happen to be sitting at the back.  I went to a large state school, so this was a problem that I experienced often.

If you’re in a large lecture hall where you don’t think the professor or TAs will mind that you have headphones or ear buds in, then Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology can actually help you turn up the volume on your professor’s voice!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology’s sound amplification feature will allow you to make your professor’s voice louder, allowing you to hear more clearly.  This will certainly make your notes better (since you can actually decipher what the professor is saying), and will mean that you’ll be straining your ears less during lecture.

Like we said, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are the best headphones for students because they help you out in all types of different situations!

4. Working Out 

As a student, you’ll want to hit the gym to clear your mind after all of that studying, those group projects, and those lectures!  Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband has you covered at the gym, too.  The neckband design is super sleek, allowing you to work out with ease to your favorite tunes.  The sound amplification feature comes in handy if you’re jogging outdoors.  It is important to hear the sounds of cars and people when you are running outdoors, and Lucid Audio’s AMPED neckband is unique because it allows you to listen to music while also tuning in outdoor noises like cars and people.

These neckbands use such innovative technology that you’ll be excited to work out and use them!

So, have I convinced you that these are truly the best headphones for students?  You’ll find a use for them in the library, at home, in the lecture hall, and at the gym. They allow you to tune sounds in and out, granting you as much control as possible when your life is bound by deadlines and a tight schedule.

Now, go out there and be the best student you can be with the best headphones for students!

26 Mar

Hearing Loss and Artwork

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Many people do not have the ability to go visit a museum by themselves, so the Smithsonian is starting something cool. On January 5th 2017, NPR ran a story on the Smithsonian museum’s tours for the blind people in our community. On these tours, the headphones for every occassionartwork or sculptures are described in vast detail so that one can imagine what the art looks like in their mind. In addition to being described, sometimes the museum will allow people on these tours to actually touch the sculptures and get a feel for the artwork that way. The importance of these tours shows that a person’s hearing is key to their enjoyment of the world.

With some form of hearing loss, people might not experience the beauty of the museum at all. Hearing is truly important to people who cannot see so that they can experience the full beauty of the visual world. The ability to hear does not only help with the visual world, but it also helps the emotional stability of a person. Once people start to lose their hearing, they also lose part of their life. People who are hard of hearing stay inside more, and not experience things. When people lose their hearing, they also lose other enjoyable things in life.

Not only does the ability to hear help at museums, but it is also necessary for activities like going to a symphony or a musical. At a symphony, the audience has an opportunity to close their eyes and create an image and experience the beauty of what the music means to them. While during quiet sections of musicals, people with some hearing loss might miss key points. Powered by Lucid could help people who are experiencing some stage of hearing loss have the ability to hear these events. People who have some form of hearing loss no longer are able to hear their favorite music again. Lucid Audio could help people hear the music clearer and therefore create a clearer picture in their mind.

The Smithsonian Museum is not the only place that takes people with hearing difficulties into account. The Alamo Drafthouse and other movie theaters also have visual aids for people who might have some form of hearing loss. With the increase of people in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest, the Alamo Drafthouse’s visual aids were receiving plenty of use. With the use of Powered by Lucid, those starting to lose their hearing could still continue to experience the beauty of the many films and music that debuted over the week.

In addition to during musicals or films, there are quite sounds that compose the wonderful parts of life. With Lucid Audio’s HearBands and Hearing Headphones, these sounds do not have to be missed anymore. This technology can increase the ambient sounds around you, while not taking away from the conversation you are engaged in.

With Lucid Audio’s HearBands, people are given an opportunity to get an earful of a musical or orchestra like they might not have been able to in years.

A person’s hearing effects more than just their knowledge of sounds, it effects their enjoyment of public events. Lucid Audio’s HearBands and Hearing Headphones can help with amplifying the sounds around the wearer, so they can experience things in their intended forms.

20 Nov

Living With Hearing Loss

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According to the Mayo Clinic, about 25% of those in the United States between the ages of 55 and 64 suffer from a significant degree of hearing loss. After age 65, those numbers skyrocket! Hearing loss is often associated with aging. However, it is not just a problem for the elderly. Younger people often experience loss of ear function as well.

Causes of Hearing Lossliving with hearing loss

  • Infections in the inner ear
  • Genetics
  • Injury or trauma to the ear or skull
  • Persistent exposure to loud noises
  • Ear wax or fluid in the ear

While you may not be able to prevent or avoid some of the triggers that result in hearing loss, it is important to protect your hearing levels as much as possible.

Helping You Hear Better

living with hearing loss lucid audioLucid Audio is inventing new ways to help people living with hearing loss. Part of that mission is to help you protect your precious inner ear anatomy, so it can stay healthy for many years to come.  Our innovative line of headphones and neckbands have been manufactured with your safety, comfort, and control in mind.

  • Sound Activated Compression engages automatically to mute loud noises that may cause damage.
  • Hi gain omni directional microphones, with independent volume controls, give you more control over ambient sounds.
  • High definition speakers deliver stereo quality sound with crystal clarity.

In addition to the features listed above, the AND Control Center gives you the power to amplify environmental sounds up to 9x. Our exclusive AMPED technology allows you to do more than simply allow outside sounds in, YOU control the volume! Similar to reading glasses that offer a bit of extra assistance, our line of headphones and neckbands give you additional hearing enhancement when you need it most. We don’t just protect you from hearing loss, we offer you strategic hearing gains! Needing just a little something extra? We’ve got you covered!

The Right Device for Every Stage of Life – Living with Hearing Loss AND Thriving

Maybe you have problems holding a conversation in a loud environment. Does your family constantly complain that the TV is too loud when you can barely understand what’s going on? Or maybe you don’t have any concerns at all and want to keep it that way.

Lucid Audio’s unique line of personal audio devices enhance your listening experience everyday, in every situation. We’re about more than just the music.

It’s your life. TURN IT UP!

29 Sep

The Power of AND

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Amplification and the Power of AND
Amplification of technology shapes our modern world. We use it to enhance our sight, and we see things light years away. We use it to enhance our strength, and we can build machines that make the world smaller. We use it to enhance our voices, and we can hear each other across the globe, in an instant.

Lucid Audio is continuing the quest to improve our natural abilities with our innovative, patent-pending AMPEDTM technology. Now, we can begin to explore the power of AND in hearing!

Hear It All, or Nothing at All!
Personal listening devices, like headphones with amplification, have changed the way we experience sound. We can choose when and where we hear our favorite music or audio. We have headphones with high-quality sound. Others can reduce background noises to almost nothing.

Lucid Audio devices are the first neckbands and headphones that can do both!

The Control Center built into each Lucid Audio device allows you to adjust your listening experience to your situation. AMPEDTM technology allows you to dampen background noises, or magnify them up to 9x.

AND with a touch of a button, you can also easily switch between phone calls and your media, while still being in full control of background noises.

AMPED Technology – Adding the AND to Your Daily Life
Unlike other headphones with amplification on the market, Lucid Audio has improved your ability to filter and select the sounds you hear. Now you don’t have to choose between safety and enjoyment. Now you can:

  • Enjoy your music with stereo quality during your morning jog AND still be able to hear traffic noises!
  • Listen to soothing music while you work AND keep safe in dangerous work areas!
  • Listen to audiobooks and lectures AND still be able to hear the announcements on the train!
  • Watch your favorite TV shows while the kids are napping AND still be able to hear any sounds they might make!

Visit our website at http://www.lucidaudio.com for more information on our revolutionary neckbands and headphones with groundbreaking AMPEDTM capabilities. Learn how you can add the power of AND to your life!


29 Sep

CNET Top Pick: The Lucid AMPED Bluetooth Neckband

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CNET Top Pick: The Lucid AMPEDTM Bluetooth Neckband

Lucid Audio is committed to helping the world hear better with the power of and in your listening experience. We are proud of the work we do!CNET Top Pick

Our commitment to superior technology that keeps you safe AND entertained is getting noticed. CNET.com has listed the Lucid AMPED Bluetooth Neckband as one of its top picks for audio and headphone devices being released this fall.

We are eager to share this news with you, and hope you will share it with your friends too!

CNET.com: An Authority in Consumer Electronics and Technology

They recently published their guide to up and coming audio devices. Our amped Bluetooth neckbands are one of 15 innovative products set to hit the market in the Fall of 2016. CNET has a reputation for recognizing cutting-edge technology. We are happy to be recognized by such a prestigious authority!

Adding the Power of AND to Your Listening Experience

As mentioned on CNET.com, our patent-pending amped technology allows you to control ambient noises along with your audio volume. Unlike other noise canceling headphones that just block out background noises, our Bluetooth neckbands let you decide how much or how little you hear. Now, you have to power to:top-audio-and-headphones-picks-coming-this-fall-cnet-page-12

  • Enjoy relaxing music and be aware of your surroundings
  • Keep motivated at work and be able to hear your coworkers comfortably
  • Be safe and sound during your morning run, knowing you can be alerted by dangerous noises
  • Watch your favorite TV shows while the kids are napping and still be able to hear any sounds they might make

Our Products Feature

  • Retractable earbuds with built-in HD speakers and drivers deliver a wide range of audio quality.
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB.
  • Sound Activated Compression instantly adjusts to protect your hearing from loud, sudden sounds.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Hi-Gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement on both the left and right sides.
  • Choose between Black Rubberized or White/Gray exterior.

Share the Power of AND with Your Friends

Get your friends amped! Share this post with your friends and they will discover the power of “AND” in their daily lives.

You can also check us out on Facebook.com. Connect with us for more information on products, pricing, and preorders.


21 Sep

Introducing Lucid Audio & The Genius of AMPED™

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Introducing Lucid Audio

neckband-bikerAfter many months of planning and preparation, our team here at Lucid is thrilled to join you all online! We offer audio products unique in the industry, providing amplification inside AND out, enjoyment of music, calls AND media, AND protection from harmful noises. All this because we believe in the genius of AND.

The AND Philosophy

We have created a listening experience so immersive that you don’t have to put life on hold in order to enjoy your music or hear your media. There no longer have to be trade-offs, thanks to our patent-pending AMPED™ neckbands, headphones and ear buds. Advanced technology has allowed us to revolutionize the audio listening experience.

And we’re changing the game by offering some of the most affordable bluetooth headphones on the market. In order to get a better feel for the quality you will be receiving, take a peek at the Lucid Audio website where you can order neckbands, headphones, streamers & custom fit ear buds.

Like us on Facebook right now to get the most up to date news and information about our products and hear more about the genius of AND!

Our Mission – Helping People Hear Better

affordable bluetooth headphonesOur high quality, affordable Bluetooth headphones and neckbands are an example of our commitment to helping you hear better. Both feature our brand new, patent pending AMPED™ technology.

Now you can control how much or how little background noise you hear. Enjoy full stereo sound, AND still hear the kids, your co-workers, or surrounding traffic noises. Enjoy your morning run AND be more aware of traffic and potential hazards. Does music help you focus while you work? Enjoy your music AND stay in touch with the world around you!

Superior Sound AND Affordable Prices

Affordable Bluetooth headphones and neckbands that deliver top quality sound can be difficult to find. Luckily, Lucid Audio has the answer to all of your wireless audio needs!

Our AMPED™ neckbands, headphones and ear buds are now available online! Experience the quality of superior sound AND

1) Experience the superior sound quality of HD speakers and drivers built into the earbuds.

2) Enhance the sound quality of your phone calls with two Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones.

3) Choose between a variety of beautiful colors to fit your style!

Stay in Touch – Stay Informed

white-gray-headphones-angled-streamerConnect with us on Facebook for more information on our products, prices, and release dates. Do you have questions? We can help with those too!

The AND is now! Enjoy life without limits AND join us on this revolutionary journey!