How to Take Care of Your Headphones to Ensure Longevity

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Do you know how best to take care of your headphones? After you’ve made the investment in a quality pair, it’s important to know how to take care of your headphones.

taking care of headphones

Here are some tips on taking care of headphones that we hope will be helpful for you as you take care of your Lucid Audio Headphones, or any other pairs you might have.

1. Keep Your Headphones Away from Liquids

I know that açai berry smoothie you’re drinking is delicious, but there’s no need to share it with your earphones!  The sensitive electronics within your device can be affected when exposed to water or other liquids, so be careful to keep your headphones dry!  Along with avoiding liquids, you should also try to avoid exposing your headphones to high humidity.

2. Check For Dirt Regularly

Inspect your device for dirt and grime regularly.  If you notice that your headphones are a bit dirty, you should wipe them down to clean them off.  You don’t want that dirt to build up!  The way to clean your device is as follows: Lightly wet a soft cloth with a dab of warm water and a bit of soap.  Apply the towel to the dirty areas and wipe the dirt off. Use a dry toothbrush or a q-tip to clean out areas that are hard to reach.  You should use only a minimal amount of water, but even so, allow your device to air dry naturally before putting them back on.

3. Store Your Headphones Carefully 

When you’re storing your earphones, make sure not to stuff them into an area where they could get distorted.  Wrap the wires carefully around the device to ensure that the wires do not get tangled.  Store the headphones in a clean, cool, dry place. Don’t just leave it in your car on a hot day, or leave it out in the snow!

Taking care of headphones isn’t a difficult task, but it can make a huge difference in the long run!  If you follow these tips, your headphones will last longer!

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