The Power of AND

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Amplification and the Power of AND
Amplification of technology shapes our modern world. We use it to enhance our sight, and we see things light years away. We use it to enhance our strength, and we can build machines that make the world smaller. We use it to enhance our voices, and we can hear each other across the globe, in an instant.

Lucid Audio is continuing the quest to improve our natural abilities with our innovative, patent-pending AMPEDTM technology. Now, we can begin to explore the power of AND in hearing!

Hear It All, or Nothing at All!
Personal listening devices, like headphones with amplification, have changed the way we experience sound. We can choose when and where we hear our favorite music or audio. We have headphones with high-quality sound. Others can reduce background noises to almost nothing.

Lucid Audio devices are the first neckbands and headphones that can do both!

The Control Center built into each Lucid Audio device allows you to adjust your listening experience to your situation. AMPEDTM technology allows you to dampen background noises, or magnify them up to 9x.

AND with a touch of a button, you can also easily switch between phone calls and your media, while still being in full control of background noises.

AMPED Technology – Adding the AND to Your Daily Life
Unlike other headphones with amplification on the market, Lucid Audio has improved your ability to filter and select the sounds you hear. Now you don’t have to choose between safety and enjoyment. Now you can:

  • Enjoy your music with stereo quality during your morning jog AND still be able to hear traffic noises!
  • Listen to soothing music while you work AND keep safe in dangerous work areas!
  • Listen to audiobooks and lectures AND still be able to hear the announcements on the train!
  • Watch your favorite TV shows while the kids are napping AND still be able to hear any sounds they might make!

Visit our website at for more information on our revolutionary neckbands and headphones with groundbreaking AMPEDTM capabilities. Learn how you can add the power of AND to your life!


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