Top 5 Things to Pack when Flying with an Infant

May 20, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

Flying with an infant on board has its challenges. The experience can be a stressful one for the parent and for the baby. However, flying with an infant is often a necessary experience, whether it’s to visit the grandparents, go on a family adventure, or even to take your baby on a business trip with you. When I was an infant, my mother took me on an overseas trip to visit our family, logging 24 full hours of in-air time, multiple flight changes, and a hot, long customs line. Though the experience of flying with an infant has the potential to be stressful, there are ample ways to mitigate the stress of flying with an infant, and what you pack can make all the difference.

flying with an infant

1. Comfortable clothes, for you and for your child

Feeling cozy is crucial for flying with an infant, regardless of whether your flight is long or short. With an infant, even a two hour flight can feel like an eternity! When picking your outfit, choose one that is loose and airy, made out of soft cotton, and has lots of layers. You want to ensure that you don’t feel too hot or too cold and that you’re able to move around fluidly. Ensuring that you feel comfortable will allow you to take the best care of your child.

For your infant, choose clothes that are easy to take off, allowing for easy diaper changes. Pick zippers, magnets, or velcro over hard-to-button buttons. You want clothes that will be easy to remove and change out of, even when the airplane lights go off.

2. HearMuffs, for your infant

Airplanes are loud, and an infants’ ears are sensitive! The sound of the engines roaring during take-off and landing will sound much louder to your infant than it sounds to you, and it will sound much scarier, as well! For an infant, everything about the experience of flying is brand new, and when you stop to think about it, flying can be flat-out terrifying! From the engines, to the overhead announcements, to the loud carts moving through the aisles, and the sounds of mid-air turbulence, it’s all scary and new for your baby!

HearMuffs offer sound protection for your infant. Lucid Audio’s HearMuff’s offer advanced infant and baby ear protection, fit a wide range of head sizes, are made with nontoxic, kid friendly materials, and are engineered for maximum comfort! HearMuffs allow you to protect your child from loud and harmful noises, soothing them during the frightening moments of your flight and protecting their hearing for the longterm.

3. Toys, toys, toys! 

We all get impatient during flights, and it’s rare for a single game on our phones or a single book to keep us occupied for an entire flight. Similarly, a variety in toys is key for keeping your infant entertained. Be sure to bring calming toys, like your infant’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket. However, also be sure to bring stimulating toys that will keep your infant engaged. Whether it’s an app your baby loves on the iPad, or a different stimulating toy, be sure to pack enough stimulation to keep your baby engaged when your baby gets board. Flying with an infant is much easier when your infant is having fun!

4. A Hearband, for you

Flying with an infant isn’t just hard on your infant, it can also be a challenging experience for the parent. A Hearband will allow you to hear the coos and cries of your infant using the sound amplification feature, while also listening to your favorite podcast, tunes, or while watching an in-air movie. Just because you’re flying with an infant doesn’t mean that you can’t stay entertained during the flight! A calm parent leads to a calmer baby, so do what you need to do to stay centered, while also remaining attentive to your child.

5. Some extra space

Yes, you read that right. Even though it might be tempting to bring all of your baby supplies with you when flying with an infant, you’ll thank yourself for not over-stuffing your bags. Not only is it more difficult to find what you’re looking for when your bag is over-stuffed, but carrying your baby through the security line is hard enough without also lugging huge, heavy bags with you. Be sure to take just what is necessary for your flight. Remember, you can purchase things like additional diapers and wipes at your final destination.

Flying with an infant can be a challenge, but if you pack the right things, it can be a smooth experience. Happy travels, and try to enjoy this special experience of flying with an infant!