Top 5 Ways to Make Gardening Even More Enjoyable

April 25, 2018 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

Spring has sprung!! The wildflowers are blossoming, the bulbs you planted in the fall are ready to spring into color, and the bees are enjoying their roles as the couriers of pollen!

Gardening is already fun, but if you’re looking for ways to make gardening even more enjoyable, here are 5 ways to do so:

1. Garden with a little one

Children appreciate the joy of springtime possibly more than anyone else. Have you ever witnessed the joy of a child running their hands through the dirt as they find the perfect place to bury a seed? Guiding a child through the joy of gardening will give you plenty of reasons to smile, and will remind you of the magic of the garden! Planting seeds and pulling weeds with a child in your life will make gardening even more enjoyable!

2. Garden with Hearbands

Lucid Audio’s Hearband will allow you to really soak in all of the beautiful sounds that accompany gardening. From the flutter of a butterfly’s wings to the buzz of a hummingbird, you won’t miss a single special noise when your Hearband is on – that’s because the Hearband (and it’s AMPED technology) allow you to amplify sound up to 9x their normal volume WHILE allowing you to take calls and listen to music – and you will have the full ability to use both of your hands! You’ll get more done in the garden, and you’ll notice more of the beauty of your garden, with Lucid Audio’s Hearband!

3. Join a gardening club

Most cities have a garden club where members can share information about their gardening techniques, can exchange seeds and bulbs, and can share about what’s blooming in their gardens! These clubs allow the often solitary activity of gardening to take on a social dimension that is community-oriented!

We are stewards of our planet together, so it can be helpful to discuss tips and tactics with other garden-lovers. And of course, sharing photos of the fruits of your labor with people who’ll really appreciate the effort that went into gardening will help make gardening even more enjoyable for you! Click here to find a garden club near you!

4. Take breaks with garden picnics

A garden is a sanctuary that takes hours and hours to cultivate and months of patience to sustain. While it’s easy to get “caught in the weeds” with your garden and to “miss the forest for the trees” (sorry for the terrible puns–I couldn’t help myself), it’s important to set aside time to truly appreciate your garden. One special way to enjoy your garden is by having a picnic near your flowers! Put together a simple picnic with tea sandwiches and lemonade and bask in the beauty of your garden! Springtime doesn’t last forever, so make it special while you can!

5. Invite some neighbors over for a garden tour

Gardening isn’t for everyone, but appreciating local blooms is something that almost everyone loves to do! Your neighbors might appreciate the opportunity to come see what’s growing in your garden. Invite some neighbors over to share your gardening technique with them, perhaps offering them some cuttings to start their own garden! If you have herbs, fruits, or other edibles in your garden, perhaps offer them to your neighbors to show them the sustainability of having a garden.

Gardens are wonderful places to bring people together each and every season, so take advantage of the springtime to start cultivating a love for gardening amongst those near you!


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