Top 8 Ways to Show Gratitude

November 14, 2017 HLT Social 0 Comments

Ever wonder the best way to show gratitude?

Did someone help you in the past and you want to thank them? Or do you just want to thank a stranger, a neighbor, a friend? We gathered the top 8 ways to show gratitude to someone in your life.
show gratitude

1. Pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. This is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face early in the morning.

2. Hold a door open for someone or open a door for someone. This is such a small gesture that can immediately put a smile on someone’s face. The act of taking a few extra minutes to do something shows you really care.

3. Donate clothing you haven’t worn in 6 months or more to someone in need. This can mean donating to a shelter or even just giving your clothing to someone in need on the streets. Great to do with coats that haven’t been worn for a while especially with the weather getting cooler.

4. Call an old friend just to talk. The greatest things we have in life are our relationships with others. So call an old friend and see how they are, catch up, and enjoy their conversation.

5. Smile when you pass someone on the street, in the office, or at the grocery store. The impact of a smile is unmeasurable. Smile more.

6. Send a postcard to someone you love. Sending “snail mail” is something not many people do anymore. And it’s a great surprise to whoever you send it to.

7. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, rake their leaves, shovel their snow, etc. This act is one that really shows your neighbor how much you care.

8. Give a larger tip than usual. Next time you are at a restaurant for lunch or dinner, leave a larger tip than you would usually. Or purchase the dinner of service members around you to show your appreciation.

All of these acts are small and do not take much time yet have a great impact on others around you. And others seeing you show gratitude will eventually make them as well. Showing gratitude spreads, it is contagious. So get out there and show others gratitude.

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