Top Memorial Day Family Vacation Ideas

May 1, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

It’s never too early to start planning a vacation, and we have some great Memorial Day Family Vacation Ideas for you! Holidays are opportunities for families to get together and find adventure, whether that adventure is in the backyard or across the country!

Here are three ideas for your Memorial Day family vacation:

1. A Memorial Day Family Vacation to DC

It’s easy to lose sight of why we have days off, but Memorial Day is an important holiday because it’s an opportunity to honor those who have lost their lives while serving in our country. Washington, DC is filled with history and its plethora of free and accessible sites makes it an ideal place for a Memorial Day family vacation. You can add to the adventure by taking a road trip to DC and exploring our country by car before arriving in the nation’s capitol! While in DC, make sure to visit these sites:

  • Arlington National Cemetery, located in Arlington County, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from D.C., which is an idyllic military cemetery. You can spend hours walking the grounds in remembrance. Bring some flowers to lay and maybe even take a tour.
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, which honors members of the U.S. Armed Forces who fought during the Vietnam War. The architecture of this memorial is different from some of the other memorials, but the reflective black stone makes it impossible not to feel reflective of our country and the lives that have been lost fighting in wars. While you’re on the National Mall, also visit the World War I Memorial and World War II Memorial; they’ll be difficult to miss!
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is an ideal place for you to speak with your children about what freedom really means and the importance of continuing to fight for the rights of vulnerable groups in our country.

3. A Roadtrip to a National Park

America’s national parks are some of the most beautiful places in our country. A Memorial Day family vacation to a national park is an ideal way to get in touch with nature and see some incredible, awe-inspiring sights. Maybe you have a favorite national park already (mine is Bryce Canyon in Utah, where I have road-tripped with my family many times), or maybe you’re wanting to find a new favorite national park! Either way, pack up your car, put your seatbelts on, and make your way to a national park that will surely inspire you! Find a park here!

3. A Memorial Day Family Staycation

Sometimes it just makes most sense to stay in your city for Memorial Day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less of an adventure! You can create your own adventure right in your backyard and you can use Memorial Day as an opportunity to find newness in your own city! If you’re staying in town for Memorial Day, you can go on a “camping trip” in your backyard by setting up tents and doing a cook-out! Or, you can pack up your car with a picnic and go on a mini-road trip to the outskirts of your town, exploring the nearby places that you’ve never been before! In addition, you can spend a day being a tourist in your town, bringing out the camera and visiting your city’s top tourist sites and seeing them with fresh eyes! There are lots of ways to make a Memorial Day family vacation special, even in your own city!

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