Get Fit. Get Flashing. Hear AND Be Seen.

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Stop procrastinating. Learn a new skill. Travel more. Get healthier.

You probably said something like this a couple months ago. These four resolutions often top the list each January 1st. But often we stray from our commitments because they are just too hard. That’s why experts advise walking before you run. Literally.

While walking can be great exercise, it is important that people consider safety too, especially at night or in the early morning hours before the sun has come up. Many walkers, whether for sport or taking the dog out for a stroll, enjoy their exercise while it’s dark outside, leaving them vulnerable to traffic and potentially unaware of their surroundings. According to the NCVS, approximately 47% of violent crimes occur between 6pm and 6am, right around the time that many people go for their evening or morning runs.  

walking safety product

Sales of running and walking safety products, ranging from the traditional reflective tapes to lightweight LED vests, are growing each year. And luckily, audio product manufacturers are now getting into the game.

First to market with LED audio neckbands known as the HearBand Sport, Lucid Audio has created a running and walking safety product that allows you to hear AND be seen.

Hear your music, listen to your friends’ voices, be aware of traffic and animals in route. All possible with the touch of a button that allows you to let in and amplify outside sounds (up to 9X their normal volume) in addition to or instead of your music.

And as an added bonus to those of us who walk and run in the dusk and dark, the HearBand Sport has both LED lights in the front and a reflective band in the back. The LED lights, completely out of sight to the wearer, help oncoming traffic spot the wearer from a distance, whether biking home from work, jogging through the city, or just taking your nightly stroll in the neighborhood.

With around 37% of Americans resolving to run or walk for exercise this year, there may never have been a better time to introduce a product that keeps you safe and has the sounds that keep you moving. Night walks are great ways to release stress, aid digestion and trigger deeper sleep. So walk on, hear AND be seen, with the Lucid Audio HearBand Sport.

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