What Do You Need To Hear?

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What do you need to hear? Can you imagine living without your 5 senses? Through touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste we are able to experience every emotion from euphoria to fear. Every one of our 5 senses creates a physical feeling sense in our body that might evoke a memory or a body sensation like tingling. 

How does our hearing play a part in wellbeing?  What do we humans need to hear? My first thought is the sound of a parents voice or perhaps just pure and simple communication.

According to Brene Brown, a social work research professor at the University of Houston, author and speaker of one of the top 5 TED talks in the world, belonging to a community where human interaction prevails, is the key to true happiness. We can start to build community in online social forums but until we move to a venue with human interaction and authentic communication we will not experience our own vulnerability. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can then emotionally connect and as a result, feel a sense of belonging or community.

Learning how to authentically communicate our gratitude for our loved ones is one way to deepen the roots of connection and love. My research reveals 5 things all humans need to hear:

  1.  I Love You – Too often people just throw these words around. Take the time to feel it before you say it.  Look the person in their eyes, and for a couple of seconds do nothing else but that. Feel the strong connection with them, feel the love, and only then say “I love you”.
  2.  Thank You – Saying thank you is the simplest way to show gratitude. It doesn’t cost you anything and it means everything to the other person.
  3.  I am sorry – Too often we say “I’m sorry” for something when it is not necessary. Have you noticed how we don’t say “I’m sorry” when we really should? So yeah, we should be saying “I’m sorry” more often, but say in at the right moment. And mean it.  
  4. You are enough – We continuously hear how we should be skinnier, or work harder, or do more, or dress better… There is so much social pressure that most of us have forgotten that, we are enough. So remind the ones you love that they are enough exactly as they are, right now.  
  5. You can do it – As often as you can, encourage others. Saying “you can do it” can literally change a person’s perspective. You will help them set their mind to “I can,” so they will.

At Lucid Audio, in the spirit of expressing love and gratitude, we built a special booth and put a simple phrase on the door: “What Do You Need To Hear?” One-by-one, individuals walked inside the booth, put on our Hearing Headphones and, much to their surprise, listened to pre-recorded messages of love and adoration from their friends and loved ones around the world.  

Watch the video to see how the recipients reacted to hearing how others feel about them.  And as you watch, think about who in your life could use hearing your words of love, gratitude, and encouragement.

Lucid’s Hearing Headphones provide revolutionary AMPED technology that amplifies outside sound up to 9x its normal volume. Now you can LISTEN TO MUSIC, TAKE CALLS, AND HEAR SOUNDS AROUND YOU.

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