What We’re Grateful For at Lucid Audio

November 19, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

At Lucid Audio, we make it a practice to share our gratitude with each other regularly. Sharing about what we’re grateful for makes us closer and more effective as a team and allows us to form a strong internal community so we can successfully address the needs of the broader community.

Our team is wonderful, and we’re truly so grateful for every member of the Lucid Audio team. Our team works tirelessly to innovate hearing solutions and design products that address the real needs of real people.

At Lucid Audio, we spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to “listen.” Of course there’s the physical process of listening which is the result of a vibration moving through the ear. However, true “listening” involves more than just the ossicles and the cochlea. True listening requires compassion, empathy, patience, and curiosity. We try to practice truly listening to each other at all times.

What does “true listening” look like? It looks like this:

  • Acknowledging each other’s needs
  • Making eye contact while someone is talking instead of letting distractions get in the way
  • Validating each other’s feelings
  • Checking in with each other and following up on unfinished conversations

We are so grateful for a team that is thoughtful, compassionate, kind, and filled with some of the best listeners out there. What are the ways that you truly listen and show gratitude?

We’ve shared what we’re grateful for, and now we’d love to hear from you in the comments!