wireless headphones for tv
wireless tv headphones

Turn your television into a Bluetooth enabled audio machine with this easy to use plug and play streamer. Listen to television, music and movies at the volume you are most comfortable with, allowing others to adjust the tv to their personal comfort level too.

Lucid Audio’s TV Streamer and headset is designed to help people enjoy their TV listening experience more than ever before. Dialog of any newscast, movie or program you are watching comes through clearly. You’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite programs and never miss a mystery solving clue or funny punch line again.

Black Bluetooth TV Headphones

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White Bluetooth TV Headphones

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The Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth Neckband / Headphones and Streamer Combo Kit is easy to set up and easy to use. The streamer is plugged into a power outlet, and then connected to the audio out port on the back of the television, satellite, or cable box. The transmitter then sends audio wirelessly to the headphones or neckband.

The headset works separately from the TV volume (so the TV can be turned down or muted). Your combo kit will work with any television and can be moved at any time.


The headset features ergonomically angled ear tips designed to fit comfortably inside the ear canal to provide a clear and rich TV listening experience.

Lucid Audio’s Wireless Headset is lightweight and comfortable, even for long documentaries or binge watching. Each headset is made to be be adjusted to the comfort level of the user, with multiple choices for ear buds for the neckband and easily adjustable headphones, simply by holding the arm of each side and evenly pull down and apart to stretch the arms into a more comfortable position.

The Lucid Audio Headset and Streamer combo works like a TV hearing aid. It is specifically designed to help people to hear their television better. When people start to lose their hearing, one of the first thing they struggle with is watching the TV. And often times people who are watching with them don’t appreciate the increased volume levels!

Hearing devices that are specifically designed to be used with televisions work in a slightly different way from devices that are designed to be worn in the ears for daily use. They specifically enhance speech sounds and tone down background noises like the soundtrack. Not to the point where you cannot hear it at all, but enough so that the dialogue is clear.

Regular hearing aids, worn in the ears enhance all sound. This allows people with a hearing impairment to hear cars approaching and things like that as well as speech. As you can see when you are out and about hearing all sound is important. However, it can make it hard to hear a conversation clearer.

When you are watching the TV to follow the plot you need to hear the dialogue clearer and need to hear the other sounds only in the background. Television hearing devices allow you do this.

One of the nicest things about this type of system is that anyone can use them. In many homes members of the family who do not have any problems with their hearing end up using them. Maybe someone needs to study or just wants quiet time. The other person can enjoy their show at the exact volume and the television is muted.

It allows the kids to enjoy listening to their shows and video games too, without disturbing anyone else in the house.

Black Wireless TV Headphones

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White Wireless TV Headphones

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